Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I just love my hubby and wanted to brag about him and his talents!!!!! Look what he made for me! A desk, isnt he talented!!!! We are in the process of moving all our office/my studio up stairs 100%, and turning that room into the new baby room for our baby Blake (coming in Sept)! So I drew up a design of the desk I wanted that would fit in a little corner upstairs and told him to just make something happen. So, he finished it this week and I am so excitied! He was very resourceful too! He took our old desk we had in our office and turned it into this! Talented!! I am amazed and these pictures don't do it justice because it fits so well in my new studio/office space upstairs! I love it and him!!! He is the best!!!!!! Kandis, Hannah, and Catherine now I need you guys to come and help me organize my filing cabinets.......Yeah, we are getting closer to being done up there!!


Amy said...

Your desk looks great! I didn't know John was such a "handy-man"!

Gabe & Hannah said...

Good job looks really good and even better in person. Don't forget to check pottery barn for that slim chair that I thought would work in there. When Kandis and Catherine get back we'll get on with the next project...:)

Jeff and Kandis said...

Yeah John! Looks good and now we have some work to do when we get back. Can't wait. Also we found some cinnamon bears for ya!